The Go-Betweens: Hamburg, Michelle Records in-store, 31-October-2000


121 -> Surfin' Bird
Magic In Here
Heart And Home
Surfing Magazines
This Girl, Black Girl
Spring Rain
Going Blind
Lee Remick

Pictures of the Hamburg in-store: high res or low res

Michelle Records: down the other end of the scale from the KulturKaufhaus Dussmann, Michelle Records is a record shop and that only; CDs, a little bit of vinyl, and a few magazines (including one with a review of David Nichols' Go-Betweens book as a good omen). It's a small, independent record store; a little stage has been set up by the entrance for the Go-Betweens, who've come hotfoot from a VH1 TV recording.

A surprise to start the set; "One To One" from Robert's much underrated "Calling From A Country Phone" album. It works well, played harder than the recorded version, and when Robert drifts into a line or two from "Surfin' Bird" at the end it's more than a fun tip of the hat to the genius of the Trashmen, it's a subtle assertion of this band's growing power. It's followed by "Magic In Here" - "we are already sounding better than Calexico, don't you think?" asks Robert when it's finished.

"Spirit" up next, and then another run through of "Heart And Home" (still to get promotion to full gig status, but sounding good here). As "Surfing Magazines" started, I left to move the car - Hamburg parking restrictions meaning I missed rare performances of "This Girl, Black Girl" and "Lee Remick."

"I'm worried we're playing the in-stores better than the gigs" said Robert afterwards, as he wandered off to prepare for the evening show at the Logo.

Jonathan Turner, 25th November 2000