The Go-Betweens: Paris, Le Cigale 11th November 2000


Magic In Here
This Girl, Black Girl
The Clock
He Lives My Life
Love Is A Sign
Streets Of Your Town
Baby Stones
Easy Come, Easy Go
Spring Rain

This performance, and an interview, can be found at the Les Inrockuptibles Festival Archive.

This review from the Les Inrockuptibles review of the show:

From the afternoon leading up to this Saturday evening at the Cicada, it is The Go-Betweens who give the feel - nonchalent, surreal - of the evening to come. In a twisting exchange with the lighting technician, on the other side of the empty room, a dialogue is established in broken French. "I would like red, a lot of red, and a little bit of white." The voice is that of an expert, a connaisseur of French wine. Except that Robert Forster is regulating the lighting.

For Shawn Lee, the colors are in a psychedelic spiral, a rainbow... (Shawn Lee review omitted)....Danger: Shawn Lee causes hallucinations, you hear voices.

Delirium, or what? A fault in the space-time continuum brought us back to 88 and The Go Betweens returned in the state that our frozen memories had left them. Especially Robert Forster, who cut a dash that would make the gigolos of the Coupole quake. Grant McLennan hadn't changed either, his head in docker's hat, his face fixed with joy. This is not really a reformation since the Australians never really broke their bond. As proof, a fluidity was quickly established between their two guitars and their voices meshed like one. The setup is basic: the two singers, a minimal drummer, a bass player chorus-singer who replaced the two original blondes to advantage. The repertoire is also simple, consisting of titles from the last album and a few established classics (Streets Of Your Town, evanescent), the palpable happiness of the crowd indicating that this was the only possible way. The enigmatic title of their last album, "Friends of Rachel Worth," is explained no better: one still does not know who Rachel is but the songs were performed this evening to a hall full of new friends.

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