The Go-Betweens: Zurich, Kaufleuten, 19th May 2005

Robert Forster: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Grant McLennan: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass
Adele Pickvance: bass, vocals, keyboards
Glenn Thompson: drums, vocals

Set List:

Magic In Here
Baby Stones
Boundary Rider
Poison In The Walls
Make Her Day
Was There Anything I Could Do?
Finding You
Darlinghurst Nights
Draining The Pool For You
The Clock
German Farmhouse
Cattle And Cane
Here Comes A City
Streets Of Your Town
The Devil's Eye
Part Company
Too Much Of One Thing
Surfing Magazines
Bye Bye Pride
People Say
Right Here

photos (c) 2005 John Flood, reproduced by kind permission.