Brisbane, The Zoo: 2nd October 1998

Review from Frank Webb

Greetings All,
Well, if Robert was coming from Germany....we could at least travel from Sydney to witness this historic event....coupled with their performances at the Livid Festival(the next day), it was always going to be worthwhile.
Arrived on Friday morning...26 degreees, beautiful sunshine, in their hometown and meeting lots of very friendly local fans in the queue to get in.
Here is the set Grant and Robert played, acoustic guitar a very appreciative audience at The Zoo in Brisbane....they too....were obviously enjoying it!!

Cattle and Cane
Head Full Of Steam
Baby Stones
Suicide (guessing one from Grant)
Velvet Claws (again, one of Grant's)
Bow Down
Right Here
I'll Jump
Dream About Tomorrow
In The Core Of a Flame
He Lives My Life (Robert's newie)
Spring Rain
Was There Anything I Could Do?
Dive For Your Memory

#1st Encore  (Robert throws chocolates to the audience)
One Plus One (duet!!)
People Say

#2nd Encore
Streets Of Your Town
Rock'n'Roll Friend
Love Goes On

#3rd Encore
Clouds (Grant's guitar only...Robert singing)

It was all brilliant, the highlights for me were Robert's new one, "He Lives My Life" ...Grant & Robert in absolute harmony for the whole of "One Plus One" and Grant's voice overall.
We chatted briefly with RF & GM after the show along with Adele and Glen from Robert's band on the "Warm Nights" Tour.

This review added 7-oct-1998: Thanks, Frank!