From Wed Aug 23 23:07:06 1995 Subject: Grant, live, in NYC

Hi all,

I went to the Grant McLennan show in NYC (July 5). My friend Paul grabbed Grant's setlist during the last song of the set (before the encores, that is). So, I thought I'd post the songs he played. All were fantastic.

Word Gets Around
Sign of the Unicorn
All Her Songs
Simone + Perry
Lighting Fires
Coming Up For Air
I'll Call You Wild
Easy Come Easy Go
Don't You Cry For Me No More
Horsebreaker Star
Right Here
Bye Bye Pride
Dropping You
I Don't Want the Days 2 Change
Was There Anything I Could Do?

He played "Clouds" as an encore,  as well as some other songs. 
Unfortunately, I don't remember what. After "Clouds" I lost all rational thought. If anyone else went to the show and knows, please post. 

Also, what albums are "word gets around", "sign of the unicorn", "easy come easy go", and "I don't want the days to change" on? He introduced one of the songs as new, but I don't remember which one. Any and all help would be appreciated!

paul harrill