Ok, here's a report on Robert's performance last night at Other Music,

Robert went on a few minutes after the scheduled 7:30 start time.  He played accoustic and sang through a small amplifier.  The show lasted about 35 minutes and the set list was:

1. Is This What You Call Change
2. I Can Do
3. Snake Skin Lady
4. People Say
5. Danger in the Past
6. My Rock'N'Roll Friend
7. ? (Dive For Your Memory ?)
8. The Circle
9. German Farmhouse (a new song which was performed by request)

The seventh song sounded very familiar, but I simply couldn't place it.
Anybody know what it was?

The crowd (about 40? people), was very attentive.  Robert seemed nervous and there was no interaction with the audience at all.  After the final number Robert disappeared into the back room and then came out to mingle with the crowd, which included the head of Beggar's Banquet Records.

I managed to chat with Robert for quite a while and I extracted some very interesting information from him.

"I had a New York Girlfried", was indeed inspired by Jonathan Richman.

Robert is aware of Sean Brady's WEB-site, but did not know about the mailing list.  He is very enthusiastic and very flattered by all the attention.  In fact, his next stop is Arlington, Virginia, where he will be visiting with Sean Brady.

I asked about all the impending releases and Robert clearly showed the most enthusiasm for the bedroom tapes release. It turns out to be 15 songs, seven of which will be new to us.  And, the best news of all is that he finally found the tapes for the Able singles (previous reissues have been taken off very scratchy vinal).  The tapes were brought to London and have been mixed so it sounds like things are ready to go on this.  

Now for the big news ...  Out of the blue Robert asked whether it would be a good idea for him to go out on tour with Grant as the Go-Betweens.  They would use Robert's current rhythm section as they did for the Paris gig.
Robert's concept is that they would only do Go- Betweens songs -- no solo material.  

And, a biography is in the works.  Someone has been going around and interviewing everyone associated with the band.  No publishing date yet though.