Two recordings of songs performed at the Barbican in June 2004 are available for download:

Right Here

He Lives My Life

Thanks to the Go-Betweens for making these recordings available.

Articles & Interviews

Several of Robert Forster's articles for The Monthly appear on The Monthly's past issues page.

A True Hipster Robert Forster on Grant McLennan (from The Monthly, July 2006)

Grant McLennan interview
Robiter - The University of Queensland's Premier Cultural Paper, April 2005 feature on "Oceans Apart".
March 2005.

The Robert Forster Guide To Hair Care
Debris magazine (Manchester, England), December 1987

Farewell to Vickers
NME (UK), 27th February 1988

Growing Up Gracefully
NME (UK), 6th August 1988

"Dive For Your Memory"
Kevin Pearce reminisces about The Go-Betweens in Tangents fanzine.

Alistair Fitchett writes about the Go-Betweens in Tangents fanzine.

Entry in Bonniers Rocklexicon, 1993

Grant McLennan and Nick Cave interview each other. GQ Magazine, 1993.

DOUBLE TO NOTHING - Grant McLennan story by Andrew Khedoori
from Drum Media, 29th November 1994.

Cult 45s - The Go-Betweens reunion by Andrew Mueller.

Stewart Lee on Forster & McLennan

Other Interviews and Reviews

Warm Nights review: MagnaPhone

16 Lovers Lane review: Screenagers

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